22 January 2017

What I Eat in a Day #3

I see a lot of What I Eat in a Day blog posts and YouTube videos and I love getting a sneak peak into people's lives and eating habits. What gets to me, however, is how unrealistic and unattainable some of these posts and videos can be. I cook a lot and I don't always have time to take perfect shots and to be honest I just don't feel like food photography is quite my thing - I'm too impatient to dig in and eat my food while it's still hot! I love beautifully displayed and photographed food and it is a photographic skill I would like to develop but for everyday food shots, I just don't have the time. 

These photos may not be perfect, the food might look sloppy but they are realistic, down to the processed parmesan squares I pop in the oven when I want a quick and comforting lunch! 

  1. Balsamic mushrooms on whole wheat and seed bread, topped with a fried egg and parsley
  2. Mushroom risotto
  3. Buffalo cheese, a selection of cured Italian meats, extra virgin olive oil and basil leaves
  4. Yoghurt, chopped pecans, maple syrup, cinnamon and blueberries
  5. Grilled cheese sandwich made with a mix of cheddar and Jarlsberg cheese and ketchup
  6. Parmesan squares with crispy kale
  7. Quinoa and kale salad, baked sweet potato, roasted pepper and hummus
  8. Banana Pancake topped with blueberries, a lot of maple syrup and tea
  9. Nachos topped with cherry tomato salsa

14 January 2017

Back to Punta Cana

Sadly, I'm not actually back in Punta Cana, though I wish I was! I wanted to post the last of our photos from our recent trip to the Dominican Republic. As you would have seen if you follow me on Instagram or in my previous blog posts, C and I were in Punta Cana in early November. We enjoyed it so much we still talk about how great it was and how lovely and relaxing our stay was. We stayed at the Luxury Bahia Principe Esmeralda which we would recommend to anyone looking for an all-inclusive beach getaway. 

Our daily schedule was very uneventful which is exactly what I was after. We rose around nine, had breakfast at ten and went to the beach until lunchtime. We'd have lunch and then make our way to the pool for more relaxing. In the late afternoons, before the sun went down, we'd often go for walks on the beach or around the different hotels part of our resort.

I love a good beach cover up but sometimes feel like they're a bit overdone. I had packed these loose trousers in case it got a bit cooler in the evenings or for travelling but ended up pairing them with a black one piece bathing suit for one of our walks.

Bathing Suit: ASOS / Trousers: Reitmans / Sandals: ASOS

1 January 2017

Hello 2017

With every new year comes a blank page to fill with new stories, new adventures, new joys and new sorrows, new goals and new failures - let's be realistic, it's not all going to be roses and good things! But that's life and 2016 brought another year of experiences that have prepared me for what's to come. As with everyone else on the days leading up to and after new year's day, I sit here in a deeply reflective state going over the last year. It was filled with such good memories of C and me in our little apartment, of travels and discovering new countries, of personal achievements and growth in work. This past year had some incredible moments and some sad ones as well, it's been a rollercoaster and it's been emotional. I'm ready for 2016 to come to an end and I can't wait for what's to come in 2017. There's so much that I want to accomplish in this new year and as always I like to jot down my goals and aspirations as a way to stay accountable. 

So 2017 is the year is the year I

learn how to breath more, to meditate and not let my mind get carried away with negativity;

learn a new hobby - calligraphy;

read more books - one per month at a minimum;

build new meaningful relationships and improve existing ones;

drink more water;

dedicate more time to this space;

save more and learn to invest my money;

start a new job and a new life in a new city with my favourite person in the world.

Happy New Year and may 2017 be your greatest yet!