17 December 2016


As I type this post I'm currently shivering under two layers of jumpers because it's not nearly as warm as it was when these photos were taken in the Dominican Republic! But how I wish it was and I was back in the sun with my toes in the sand. It's funny because when these photos were taken I remember thinking how hot and humid it was and how much I wished it wasn't quite that uncomfortable. It's quite the contrast from how I feel today!

The other contrast, for which this post is named after, is that of the top and shorts. I love mixing feminine and delicate pieces with more rugged elements of my outfit, like these distressed shorts. The juxtaposition of fabrics and texture brings an element of casualness and effortless whim I quite like in my outfits because if there's one thing I hate is being too done up.

Top: H&M / Shorts: Primark / Sandals: Primark

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