26 September 2016

The Amalfi Coast

We didn't have many days in Italy, but we knew we wanted to see the Amalfi Coast. At my parents' suggestion, we booked a shared tour of the Amalfi Coast with Mondo Guide for Rick Steves. The tour departs from Sorrento at 9am and takes you to Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello before taking you back to Sorrento nine hours later. I have to admit, this tour is not for everyone. If you have motion sickness I'd opt out - the roads are very narrow with a lot of winding curves. Both C and I's stomachs were doing summersaults by the time we got back to Sorrento after a full day of exploring. The tour is very informative and great value, but at the end of the day, it is a tour group so you're piling in and out of  a bus with two hours in each town before making your way back to Sorrento. Having said all that, it's a great way to see the Amalfi Coast if you're limited by time like we were.


Photo taken by my mother when she got lost exploring the town.
The first stop on our tour was Positano which had all the charm one would expect from the Amalfi Coast. Getting off the bus we went straight to the beach so we could turn around and see the pastel coloured house built into the green cliffs. It's breathtaking when you turn around and face the village from below. We walked through the little streets stopping along the many art galleries, souvenir shops and for the all important lemon gelato before making it back to the bus in time to depart for our next stop - Amalfi.


Amalfi is the biggest town on the Amalfi Coast. It's bustling and full of activity with the streets packed with tourists and locals alike. We visited on a hot day and I found the noise and activity slightly overwhelming but the sights more than made up for it. We stopped for food - C had fried fish and I stuck to pizza and more gelato - before going down to the water to admire the impressive views from the pier while we sipped on the most delicious freshly pressed orange juice.


Ravello was such a welcomed difference from the two previous towns we visited. It was quiet, small and nearly devoid of tourists. The town is impeccably kept and it was as if we had gone back in time. This was perhaps my favourite of the tour. 



As a special treat, our tour guide took us to Scala, a very small town across the valley from Ravello. It was untouched by tourism and offered a glimpse into everyday life on the Amalfi Coast - a perfect way to end our day trip. 

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