1 September 2015

Irish Lavender Fields

My relationship with lavender hasn't always been so strong. I used to hate the smell, like truly hated it, to the point that it gave me headaches right in the centre of my forehead the minute a smelled a whiff of it. But, times have changed and now I always have a fresh bag of dried lavender in my closet. There's something about it that I find quite comforting, but t has to be fresh or dried, none of that chemical stuff. In my quest to find the real thing locally, I found a small lavender field close to Dublin. C and I drove out one afternoon in July to Fragrances of Ireland in Wicklow to take advantage of their annual harvest sale. We got a fresh bundle of lavender, which now sits on our mantle piece, and a few dried sachets for our closets.

Jeans: Topshop / Top: Stradivarius

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