7 September 2015

Brittas Bay Summer

A summer without the beach would simply not be a summer for me. I'm very luck and fortunate to live in Dublin where the beach is just a short drive away. C's favourite beach is Brittas Bay in Wicklow, which is where we spent a good few weekends this summer. There's something so relaxing, refreshing and calming about fresh ocean air. The important thing to know about going to the beach in Ireland is that it's cold. I'm not just talking about the water, the air is cold as well. But, once buddled up correctly, Brittas Bay is a lovely place for a weekend walk. 

Outfit 1 // Jeans: Topshop / Top: Gap / Jacket: Reitmans / Shoes: Toms / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Towel: 
Outfit 2 // Dress: Joe Fresh / Top: Stradivarius / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Outfit 3 // Pants: Topshop / Top: Stradivarius / Sweater: / Jacket: Reitmans / Shoes: Toms

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