27 September 2015

In Bruges

When C and I were invited to a wedding in Bruges, I knew we couldn't refuse an opportunity to visit this picturesque city. I had been once before several years ago and remembered how beautiful it was. Seeing it again as an adult after taking art history at University was something else entirely. I was able to truly appreciate the beauty of it all. Bruges is like to other place I've ever seen. It's as if time has untouched this little Medieval city and left it just was it was 400 years ago. It's a small city which is best seen by foot and by boat. It's so nice to walk around all the windy streets. Every corner you turn there's something beautiful to be discovered.

24 September 2015


Last month C and I found ourselves in Bruges for our friends' wedding. I was delighted to visit Bruges and even more so knowing we were going there for a wedding. This wasn't the dress I had planned to wear , but I changed my mind at the last minute. It was a hot day and this dress was light and breezy, despite it's dark colour.  

I'll be sharing some of my favourite photos of Bruges in an upcoming post so check back in on Sunday.

Dress: Joe Fresh / Belt: Jacob / Shoes: Zara / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Clutch: Parfois

15 September 2015

Denim Shirts and Geo Skirts

If there's one item of clothing I would recommend for all closets it would have to be the denim shirt. I finally found my perfect denim shirt in Stradivarius this summer after searching high and low and I've worn it so often (see here and here) and in so many ways. It's by far the most functional and practical item in my closet.  As we transition into this colder season I've already thought up several ways to carry my summer favourite into fall.

Top: Stradivarius / Skirt: Zara / Shoes: Massimo Dutti / 
Bag: J. Crew / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

7 September 2015

Brittas Bay Summer

A summer without the beach would simply not be a summer for me. I'm very luck and fortunate to live in Dublin where the beach is just a short drive away. C's favourite beach is Brittas Bay in Wicklow, which is where we spent a good few weekends this summer. There's something so relaxing, refreshing and calming about fresh ocean air. The important thing to know about going to the beach in Ireland is that it's cold. I'm not just talking about the water, the air is cold as well. But, once buddled up correctly, Brittas Bay is a lovely place for a weekend walk. 

Outfit 1 // Jeans: Topshop / Top: Gap / Jacket: Reitmans / Shoes: Toms / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Towel: 
Outfit 2 // Dress: Joe Fresh / Top: Stradivarius / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Outfit 3 // Pants: Topshop / Top: Stradivarius / Sweater: / Jacket: Reitmans / Shoes: Toms

3 September 2015

August 2015

The month started off very nicely with a bank holiday the first weekend which we spent by the beach in Brittas Bay and ended with a phenomenal, yet short trip to Bruges. (More on that coming up soon.) And just like that, my first summer in Dublin has come to an end.

All photos from Instagram

1 September 2015

Irish Lavender Fields

My relationship with lavender hasn't always been so strong. I used to hate the smell, like truly hated it, to the point that it gave me headaches right in the centre of my forehead the minute a smelled a whiff of it. But, times have changed and now I always have a fresh bag of dried lavender in my closet. There's something about it that I find quite comforting, but t has to be fresh or dried, none of that chemical stuff. In my quest to find the real thing locally, I found a small lavender field close to Dublin. C and I drove out one afternoon in July to Fragrances of Ireland in Wicklow to take advantage of their annual harvest sale. We got a fresh bundle of lavender, which now sits on our mantle piece, and a few dried sachets for our closets.

Jeans: Topshop / Top: Stradivarius