28 May 2015

Food I Miss from Home

When people ask me what I miss most from home I always answer "food". Sure, I miss other things, but when I daydream about visiting Montreal, my mind always settles on food. What I'm craving, what I can't wait to eat, what the first thing I eat off the plane will be...you know. I just love food and it holds such a special place in my heart. A lot of the meals on my list are associated with happy memories that will stick with me forever. Now, I have to say, it's all junk food, nothing healthy on this list, but who cares? My mouth is watering just thinking about it all. 

In no particular order, this is my most missed foods from home:
  • Cheese curds from Fromagerie Qualité Summum. These are definitely the best in the province. My favourites are the classic or the herbs curds. Mmm, I can almost hear the squeakiness on my teeth in my daydreams!
  • Smoked meat sandwich, and it has to be Shwartz's. I've dedicated a whole post about it here.
  • Tim Horton's breakfast 'Tim Matin' sandwich on biscuit - a truly Canadian classic and reminds me of my go-to breakfast during University. A good hangover remedy.
  • Cretons with mustard on toast. Childhood favourite.
  • Shawarma from the best place ever, Boustan. Those garlic potatoes are out of this world.
  • Chinese from La Maison Kam Fung.

Sorry, Mum,  I love your cooking, but these favourites can't be beat!

12 May 2015

Birthday Attire

Last Monday was my birthday. And it was great. It was a bank holiday in Ireland, which means it was a day off. C and I lounged around the apartment with no hurry to do anything. When in comes to my birthday, I'm quite low-key. I like to relax, be comfortable and have a nice meal. In the evening we headed into town to have dinner at Sophie's, the rooftop restaurant of the Dean Hotel on Harcourt Street. The atmosphere was really nice and trendy with a stunning view of the city. The clouds cleared up just in time for us to watch the sunset over Dublin. The food was simple and delicious. Wild mushroom risotto and an italian antipasti board as starters and pizzas baked in a wood oven stove for our main course. 

Since it was a Monday, I really didn't want to dress up and I was in the mood for some neutral basics with a slight twist. The fun polka dot tights and leather skirt where just the right amount edge to an otherwise simple outfit and still easy and comfortable. 

Trench Coat: Gap / Skirt: H&M / T-shirt: Gap / Tights: Primark /
Boots: Zara / Bag: Longchamps

5 May 2015

April 2015

Is it just me, or did April just fly by? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how quickly time has gone by this month. It's scary to think that it feels like I haven't been able to enjoy this past month, but looking at this photos reassures me somewhat. The weather has turned and we've had some gorgeous days. The trees have been in full bloom and it is so enjoyable to watch.  I had a great Easter and spent a lot of time outdoors after this rainy and cold winter. I'm hoping to spend even more time outdoors in May.