19 February 2015


One of my favourite places to be in the world is anywhere on a beach. I love the smell of the the sea air. There's something so invigorating and exciting about standing on a beach, breathing in the fresh air and staring out into the endless water. I've never been fortunate enough to live close to the sea until now. And now that I do I plan to make the most of it. The sea is so near to where we live and so easily accessible. On the weekends I like to take a drive down and see a different town along the coast and every time I get more excited for the summer when the weather will be more enjoyable. It was absolutely freezing when these photos were taken and so incredible windy. I had several layers under my coat and just before I got out of the car I grabbed my favourite cape to add another layer of warmth. It doesn't look like much, but I'm so happy I had it with me!

Cape: Reitmans / Coat: Tommy Hilfiger / Pants: Zara / Hat: Accessorize /
Boots: Sole Society

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