13 January 2015

Winter Pastels

When it's 5ºC in Dublin, we dress like it's -15ºC. It worries me how cold I am when the thermometer isn't even that low. I mean, I've dressed similarly to this in -20ºC and thought nothing of it. Have I suddenly become sensitive to the cold? The thing that I love about Dublin's weather is that it never gets so cold that you have to completely sacrifice style and you can tell by the way women dress. There's a lot more colour and lightness in the fabrics and textures. I finally decided to get a pale pink coat this winter and I love it! It makes me so girly and it's such a bright contrast to the grey and rainy Irish winters. 

Hat: Accessorize / Scarf: Zara / Coat: Zara / Jeans: Old Navy /
Boots: Zara / Handbag: J.Crew

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