6 January 2015

The Differences (Part II)

My first The Differences post is one of my most read posts on my blog and since there seems to be a lot of interest about it I thought I would round up a few other differences I've noticed since the first post. The differences in this post are a little subtler since I've been in Ireland a bit longer now and have had a chance to really immerse myself in the way of life here.
  1. TV Programming: In North America, most TV shows and programmes, if not all, start on the hour or on the half-hour. In Ireland, shows seem to start anytime; 5 past the hour, 15 past the hour. There seems to be no logic to it, although I'm sure there is, and I haven't yet figured it out.
  2. Ring Tone: You know that ring tone when you dial a number and wait until the person you're calling answers? That tone is different in Ireland to the one back home. I noticed right away when I called my first number here but forgot to note it down in my first The Differences post
  3. Street Name Signs: The street names here are not at the top of posts like they are in North America; they're on buildings or on low posts or fences at intersections. See photo above (if you look closely enough, you'll notice the street name both on the house and on the fence).
  4. Trash Collection: In Ireland, residential trash is collected by private companies and not by the city as it is done in Canada. The garbage trucks weigh the bins when collected and homes are charged based on the weight of their trash. I find this a fascinating and slightly strange concept that homeowners have to pay for their garbage.
  5. Escalator Rules: The concept of "stand on the right and walk up or down on the left while on an escalator" is completely nonexistent in Dublin, which drives me absolutely insane! I am so accustomed to moving to the left and walking up escalators that it's become second nature to me. Here, however, no such unwritten rule exists about escalators, people stand on both sides making it very difficult to move past them and walk up or down.

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