21 January 2015

Lip Savers

Now that we're well and truly in the middle of the Winter season my lips have definitely taken a beating from the colder weather. They have a tendency to crack and peel very easily anyway, combined with the cold and wind it's better particularly bad. I've tried countless lip balms, lip exfoliators and other lip products and more often then not they don't deliver on what the packaging claims. So I've narrowed it down to my favourites, which I'm sharing with you today.

If my lips are chapped and feel particularly dry or sore I reach for a restorative lip balm. The Classic Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm has medical ingredients which you can feel working by the tingling sensation on your lips when applied. The texture is quite balmy and has a slight matte finish. I put this on nearly every night before bed and every morning after I brush my teeth and before I do my make-up. By the time I'm done and ready to put on my lipstick, the balm has absorbed a little. Since it makes a perfect base for lipstick, I often pat the remaining in with my finger or a tissue and then apply my lipstick as normal. If my lips are really, really chapped I put this on throughout the day and within 1-2 days they've heeled and feel soft again.

If I'm looking to protect my lips while I'm outside my favourite product to use is the Kiehl's LIP BALM #1. It comes in three fragrances and my favourite is Cranberry. It smells so good and reminds me of Christmas. Sometimes I put it on just for the smell! This lip balm is a bit like petroleum jelly but nicer because it has oils and other good things to moisturize your pout. I like it because it really acts as a shield from the elements. If I'm going for a walk, playing golf, or doing anything that involves rain, wind and cold I slather this on and I don't have to worry about dryness. 

If I'm looking for a bit of colour AND hydration I reach for the Dior Addict Lip Glow in the colour pink. I talked about it here when I first bought it and since then I've nearly finished a tube. This is so rare for me and I absolutely swear by this product. I'm not one to naturally reach for lipstick because I find that most times they can be quite drying and it's just not a habit I've developed (although I wish I wore lipstick more often, I do love a bold lip!). The lip glow is a balm that offers a good amount of moisture with the added benefit of colour.  It's just a bit of natural colour that brightens your face in the best way possible and is so easy and convenient to use. I love that hydration isn't sacrificed for colour with this product. I can see myself repurchasing this product over and over again.

So that's what I reach for when my lips need a little SOS. I'm always open to new suggestions, so I'm asking you, what are your favourite restorative and preventive lip products?

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