7 December 2014

Day Trip to Malahide Castle

A few weeks ago I took the Dublin Bus North Coast and Malahide Castle tour to visit Malahide Castle with my friend who was visiting from Canada. The tour makes a great day trip, taking you through the North side of Dublin to Malahide Castle and then onto the coastal town of Howth. It was extremely foggy when I woke up, which isn't unusual in the mornings, and I really hoped it would dissipate during the day. I was worried it would ruin our trip and wouldn't make nice photos. Although the fog lingered throughout the day, it enriched our experience and made for incredible photos. The grounds were so quiet and eery, it was absolutely beautiful and gave the castle such an special aura. It was an amazing visit and a very interesting tour. I'd recommend it to anyone in Dublin looking to escape the city for a day.

Coat: Tommy Hilfiger / Cape (worn as scarf): Reitmans / Jeans: Old Navy / Boots: Blondo


  1. Hello Catherine,

    This is Julia, a complete stranger who lives in Toronto and absolutely loves your “Of the kindred soul” site. My niece shared this URL with me a few years ago and since that time I visit it almost every week because pictures you publish inspire me. I also enjoy reading your blog and believe that you are not only talented fashion designer, but also have a very good sense of composition and you are good at picture taking.

    Please keep publishing new posts and pictures; I am looking forward to them

    With best regards,

    1. Thank you so much Julia for your sweet comment! I'm so glad you like my blog and you enjoy the photos.
      Catherine x