9 December 2014

Christmas Snail Mail

This holiday season marks the first one where I've officially moved out of my childhood home and away from my family. Although it's not the first Christmas that I'll be spending away from my family, it will be the first one where I won't be seeing them during the whole holiday season. Keeping in touch with them has always been very important to me and technology provides so many ways of staying connected every minute of every day, but it's sometimes nice to hit the pause button and revert back to more simpler methods of communication: good old fashioned snail mail. So this Christmas I bought Christmas cards very early, made a list of everyone I needed to send a card to and sat down one afternoon to write them all. It makes me so happy that my loved ones will be getting a card from me from Ireland and I'm sure they'll be as equally happy to receive it. 

Will you be sending snail mail to your loved ones this Holiday season?

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