7 November 2014

A Fitness Update

This past summer I decided to start running after years of not doing any sports besides skiing. I was following the C25KFREE application on my phone which was an 8 week program to train for a 5 km race. Initially, the program was easy to follow. The hard part was running in the summer with temperatures sometimes rising as high as 35ÂșC, which made it very difficult. Mid-way through the 8 week program Montreal was hit with a particularly bad heatwave and I just kind of stopped running altogether. I was busy getting ready for my move overseas and I lost all motivation for my running. Fast forward to now where I'm slowly getting back into some kind of fitness routine. I haven't started running again, but I have found new ways to stay fit.


I've been doing yoga for years. My father first introduced me to the practice when he bought be a book before my high school finals to help me cope with the stress and anxiety I was feeling. I've taken classes on and off through the years, but my favourite (and most cost-effective) way to practice is at home with YouTube videos. Yoga with Andriene is a great resource. I discovered her through Anna from Vivianna Does Make-up and I've tried a lot of her videos. She's real, not too zen and her sequences are brilliant and really work. My favourite videos these days are the Yoga for Weight Loss: Abs and Arms and the Yoga Flow 20-minute Vinyasa Sequence.


Another recommendation from Anna is the Fitnessblender.com workouts. These are a lot more intense and I've been doing one about once a week. My favourite is the 40 Min Cardio HIIT Workout + Butt, Thighs, Abs: Ultimate Workout for Belly Fat Loss, No Equipment. I know it works because I feel sore for days after. My goal is to step it up to two a week starting next week.


This might be a no brainer for some but walking is a great way to stay in shape. I've been walking a lot more since moving to Dublin. I walk to get to places and I walk just to walk around my neighbourhood. They say you should walk 10,000 steps a day, or the equivalent of around 8 km. I'll admit I have no idea how many steps a day I take, but knowing you need 10,000, which looks and sounds like a big number, motivates me to walk as much as I can. Sometimes, when I know I'm going for a particularly long walk, I'll use my RunKeeper application on my phone which records the kilometres and calories burned as well as a whole host of other statistics and measures.

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