4 October 2014

The Cool Girls' Basics

Back in Montreal, I don't think I would have been caught dead in this outfit. Lets address the leggings and t-shirt situation going on here first. Leggings are not pants, I agree, and therefore, leggings should not be worn with a t-shirt like it is here. BUT, worn with this coat, it works. My bum is covered by my trench (or mackintosh, as some call it here) at all times. Secondly, I usually stick to one or two neutrals per outfit, never three! Thirdly, the shoes. In Montreal I definitely would have made more of an effort to find something else to put in my feet. I got these white leather Converses here after all my ballet flats and slippers I brought over either gave me blisters or this deep pain in the ball of my foot.

The reason this outfits works though is that I've come to notice that it is the European cool girls' uniform. Since I am now almost technically a European, I am adopting it as my uniform as well and I love it! There's something that has to be said about the simplicity of it all and the easiness in achieving the look.

T-shirt: Gap / Trench Coat: Gap / Leggings: American Apparel /
Shoes: Converse / Handbag: Longchamps

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