10 September 2014

The Greatness That is Schwartz's

When my mum asked me if there was anything in particular I wanted to do in Montreal before I left for Dublin I told her that as long as I went to Schwartz's before I left I'd be happy. Schwartz's is one of my all time favourite places to eat in Montreal because of their incredible  and world renowned — smoked meat sandwiches.

Some may consider the famous deli a tourist trap, since it's listed in virtual every tourist book and people line up outside the tiny place all year round. (Yes, even in the cold winters. Come rain, snow or sleet, you will still find people outside queuing for a seat.) I assure you, Schwartz's isn't a trap of any kind, it is the real deal. There's nothing fancy about this place. They've kept the menu and decor the same for years so the focus is only on the smoked meat. If you're ever in Montreal, I highly recommend you stop by Schwartz's. It's a must try!

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