22 August 2014

Doors of Quebec City

There is something very special about doors. It marks a point between the known and the unknown. Until you go through it you never really know what to expect, even if it's familiar and one that is often crossed. When I travel I try to photograph as many doors as possible because it shows an intimate portrait and snapshot of a city. Doors, unlike other parts of a building, allow the personality of the owner to be on display. 

What I have noticed most from the doors in Old Quebec City is how crooked they are. Not one is perfectly straight, not because they're badly built, but because the city is built on a hill and uneven terrain. In addition, many of the doors and their frames are made of wood and wood changes and moves with the frost and thaw of fall, winter and spring, which makes for very interesting doors.

A very special door to me. The door to the the house my father grew up in.

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