7 August 2014

DIY: Distressed Denim

I like distressed denim but every single time I go to buy a pair, I fall through with it. I just can't bring myself to shell out money for jeans with holes in them! So, while cleaning out my closet a few weeks ago, I saved a pair of old jeans to repurpose them as my very own, personalized to fit and preference, distressed jeans. I had a specific style in mind, inspired by Olivia Palermo and Poppy Delevigne. Not too distressed, but just so to still look put together. Here's how I achieved it.

I used chalk to mark where I wanted to hem my pants and where I wanted the rips at the knees. Through the years I've attempted to create the perfect distressed jeans a few times and have found that the best way to achieve the rips and tears you want is to mark the area you want to cut while wearing your jeans. This way, you're sure they will hit exactly where you want them to.

To hem your pants, start with one of the legs and follow the chalk marking you made earlier. Next, fold over the pants carefully with the hemmed leg on top to use as your guide for the second cut. Before cutting the second leg, make sure that the waist is folded over evenly and that the legs are perfectly placed on top of each other to create even hems! Cut the second leg following the cut you made on the first.

Once the legs are hemmed, the fun part can begin: the distressing. The trick is to pull at the white bits to create a distressed look. You can choose to leave them, but I cut them off for a sleeker look.

Once you're happy with your hems, move on to the knee slits. This is fairly easy, just follow the chalk and cut. If you want bigger slits, cut out a piece of jean. I cut about an inch out of each knee in a kind of elongated oval, with no straight angles, for a more natural look.

I added a few distressed patches around the front and back pockets by scratching the area with sand paper and scissors. The longer and harder you scratch, the more the denim will be used. Since I didn't want to go too distressed I left it quite subtle.

My 'helper' was with me all along and provided no help at all - but she's so cute!

And the finished look! I'm so pleased with the way they turned out. Just like how I had pictured them and very similar to my above-mentioned inspirations. It took me a few years - and ruined pair of jeans - to get the look just right! 

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  1. Love your denim. It turned out great. Thanks for sharing.
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