17 August 2014

An Announcement

With a title I'm just going to jump right to it and say ... I'm moving to Dublin, Ireland! (ahhh!!!)

To those who know me, this announcement shouldn't come as a surprise. In fact, when I told my close friends and family they all said something along the lines of "finally". So here's how it all happened. 

My boyfriend is a born and raised Dubliner. We met at University in Lennoxville, QC while he was on exchange. Long story short, we fell in love and decided for various reasons that Canada was the country we'd live in. That worked out well for a while, but eventually his visas expired which meant he had to move back to Dublin. So we decided that Ireland was the place we'd live. Which brings us to my announcement today. 

It is a very exciting time in our lives to finally be together after months apart and years of dating. There will be a lot of changes for me coming up and these next weeks before my departure will be hectic to say the least. There will be a lot of packing and organizing for my big transatlantic move, but I can hardly wait to finally get there! Of course, this will mean a lot of exploring in my new city and country and exciting new content for this blog. Stay tuned!

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