14 July 2014

The Weekend Edition #4

Sunglasses at Anthropologie I hesitated buying, but in the end left there.

This weekend was pretty relaxing. After the past few weekend getaways it's nice to be able to stay home. On Saturday I took advantage of the various sales and did a bit of shopping. The weather was nice so I headed to the Dix30 which is an outdoor shopping centre. Anthropologie recently opened a store at the Dix30 Square and I wasted no time going to the shop. If I could live in a store it definitely would be Anthropology. Their mix of candles, books, housewares and clothing is amazing and truly speaks to my personal style, not to mention their incredible visual presentation. Once again I was blown away. I then popped into HR2 with no intention of buying anything, but walked out with a handbag. Oops! By the time I made it home there was still plenty of the day left to enjoy the pool and sun. On Sunday, my sister and I went out for brunch, something we very rarely do. The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, cleaning and organizing for the week ahead. And, of course, watching the World Cup Final. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

The amazing Anthropologie store.
More Anthropologie.
Ah the dinnerware at Athro is always so cute!
My haul.

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