8 July 2014

The Weekend Edition #3

View of the Promenade near the Château Frontenac.
This weekend I found myself in Quebec City visiting my grandmother. I love being able to spend time with her in the home my father and two uncles grew up in. We drove down on Friday evening and as it is customary, we spent Saturday walking around the old city. The old city is the oldest in North America and filled with historic buildings and streets reminiscent of Europe. The evening was spent sitting on the promenade of the Château Frontenac. Gelato and people watching were on the menu for the night. If you haven't been to Quebec City before, and live within driving distance, I really recommend that you go because it is so beautiful. Having been to Europe a few times, it really is the closest thing to the Old Continent. I woke up early Sunday morning to watch the Wimbledon Men's Championship and chatted with my grandmother until we left in the early afternoon. It was a delightful weekend spent with one of the most amazing woman I know.

My Grandfather's garden that my Grandmother continues to care for since his death a few years ago.
Narrowest house in Old Quebec City.
Interior court of the Petite Séminaire du Québec, c. 1668.
Place Royale, where the first settlements of Samuel de Champlain were between 1623 and 1626.
Looking back at Rue Notre Dame from the bottom of Côte de la Montagne.
Château Frontenac, c. 1892.
View of the Château from Côte de la Montagne.
Basilique Cathédrale Notre-Dame, c. 1647.
Ursulines Chapel, c.1726-1736, and Musée des Ursulines du Québec.
The promenade next to the Château.
The Château.

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