17 July 2014

The Easiest Plant Arrangement

Who doesn't love a bit of greenery in a home? I'm a big advocate of plants and flowers in any home. I was looking at my back garden this weekend and saw lots of greenery and wanted to bring some of that life inside. If you're wondering, "But, what if I don't have a green thumb?" No problem! This arrangement is so easy that anyone can recreate it at home - provided you have a hosta plant nearby. I cut the larger leaves of one of our hosta plants and simply placed them in a vase. That's it! Simple enough, right?

The advantage of having a plant arrangement over a flower arrangement is that they generally don't smell like anything - great for people who have allergies, like me - and they last for a long time. I change the water every couple of days, just to keep it fresh and that's all the care it needs. This arrangement is such an easy way to spruce up any room and best of all, it's virtually free! Just goes to show that plant arrangements don't have to be expensive to be pretty and make an impact!

Select your leaves.
Cut closes to the base of the plant. You can always cut the stems shorter later to fit in your vase.
Arrange your leaves together.
Place in vase with water. VoilĂ !

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