30 July 2014

Rainy Days

Can we talk about my love of rainy days? I've been told that it's a bit weird but nothing makes me more relaxed and content than a rainy day. The way they make you feel sleepy and cozy and somehow safe. Am I the only one who gets that feeling? Monday was one of those rainy days. Of course, rainy weather is the perfect opportunity to pull out your rain boots. These tattered old wellies have been around for a while. I got them before I went away to University in Lennoxville (5 years ago this fall) and let me tell you, they sure came in handy in the country! The proof is the tear through the side and the lining ripping at the seams.  Rest assured, I will be investing in a proper pair of rain boots come fall but I wanted to take this opportunity to document their existence before they get thrown away. And also document this terrific new t-shirt dress which was so perfect for this relaxed Monday in work.

Jacket: Reitmans / Dress: Joe Fresh / Belt: Jacob /
Rain boots: Joe Fresh / Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff

1 comment:

  1. You're not alone in your love for the rainy! I just love sitting by a window with a cup of tea listening to the pitter-patter. Love the rainboots with your dress!

    - Shae