27 July 2014

Montreal Street Art

Pink Balls street installation by Claude Cormier + Associés.
I love how Montreal undergoes a kind of facelift in the summer that really highlights its beauty and diversity. Often times living in the city can be like living in a urban concrete jungle, but more and more interesting projects are scattered around the downtown core that beautifies concrete and glass buildings. I've visited three street art projects that take the street and turns it into art. What is great is that they are all free and within walking distance of each other so on a nice day it makes for a lovely stroll.

The Pink Balls project started in 2011 and has been present in Montreal since then. It spans 1 km on Saint-Catherine Street through the Village and features over 200,000 balls! It is pretty amazing to walk through and it's so pretty day and night.

Mirage, TOM III by Claude Cormier + Associés
Claude Cormier is also responsible for Tom III, the third edition of this street installation on Avenue du Musée in front of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. This year's work is called Mirage and is made up of 10,000 traffic overlay markers, or TOMs, in 8 colours. It's actually a two in one work since the colours and design changes depending if you're viewing it facing north or south. This video explains Cormier's creative process well and it's interesting hearing him explain the installation.

North view, looking up from the bottom of Avenue du Musée.
South view, looking down towards the Museum's main entrance.

The Urban Forest is a project led by the McCord Museum on Victoria Street, between Sherbrooke Street West and President-Kennedy. It features a full schedule of activities throughout the summer and is a great place to relax amid all the office buildings around. It is really amazing how the ribbons tied to the metal structure sounds just like leaves blowing in the wind. I didn't know what to expect but I walked away very impressed. 

There are rumours that The RedBall Project is heading to Montreal in August. It would make a great addition to this list of fun street art. If and when it comes to Montreal I'll be sure go out and see it.

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  1. Loveee Montreal in the summer! Great post showcasing its art.. And love your blog too!