1 July 2014

The Weekend Edition #2

My parents and I are great fans of art. We travel far and wide to see specific art exhibits that interest us. Which is why, when my father saw a report on PBS about a small exhibit at the Shelburne Museum in Burlington, VT, he decided we should make a day trip see it. We woke early on Saturday and drove down with enough time to stop in quaint towns along the way, and still be at the 10 AM museum opening. My parents were thrilled with the exhibit featuring Impressionist paintings from private collections rarely publicly on display. The exhibit included works by Monet (including the first Monet painting to be brought to America), Manet and Degas. My favourite piece of the collection was The Grand Canal, Venice by Edouard Manet (1875).

The nice thing about Shelburne Museum is the historical buildings collected from all across Vermont by the museum’s founder Electra Havemeyer Webb and now scattered across the museum grounds. The grounds are large and beautifully maintained with various gardens. After a long day of walking we drove back home, tired but happy, knowing that we had all day Sunday to lounge around the pool and rest.

A. Tuckaway General Store, c.1840.
Lighthouse, c.1871.
Bostwick Garden

The schoolhouse, c.1840.

Vintage carousel dating from the 1920s and still functioning.

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