25 June 2014

New Season, New Nails

In the past I've been quite conservative with my choice of nail colours, choosing to stick to classic reds, and neutral pinks. Recently, I've been experimenting with different, brighter colours. I'm fortunate that I work in a casual creative environment where lilac toes and peachy fingers are not frowned upon. In fact, seeing my colleagues' bright nails is one of the things that inspired me to vary my nail polish palette. Though purple toes may not be for everyone, I suggest starting off with colours similar to the ones you'd normally go for. I eased into brighter colours with Essie's Watermelon, a not-too-girly bright pink-red, and Ballet Slippers, a soft, pale pink. Once I was comfortable with those, I moved onto more summery colours, such as Essie's Resort Fling, a peachy-orange, and O.P.I.'s Done out in Deco, a beautiful lilac.

Essie's Watermelon
Essie's Ballet Slipper
Essie's Resort Fling
O.P.I.'s Done out in Deco 

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