26 June 2014

DIY: Candle Votives

With Summer officially started, outdoor entertaining has firmly replaced indoor entertaining. My mother threw an al fresco dinner party for her colleagues a few days ago and she asked me to help her with the decorating. I wanted to create a simple and elegant lighting solution for when the sun started to set. The solution: candle votives. To keep costs to a minimum, I used things we already had around the house, like the glass jars and twine. The sand was brought back from one of our many family holidays spent in Ogunquit. I bought tea light candles with clear plastic cups, rather than the more easily found metal cups, since they're more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. (Remember, when using candles around food, you want them to be fragrance free so they don't affect the taste of the food!) I'm so happy with how the candle votives turned out, I'm thinking of doing more with larger candles and jars for our next outdoor get-together.

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