1 June 2014

Caring for your Handbags

Handbag: J.Crew Factory
Products: Aldo Leather and Suede Protector, Tana Salt Stain Remover, Tana Cleat Protective Wax

When it comes to handbags, I'm more of a quality versus quantity kind of gal and I definitely favour classic styles over trendy ones. To ensure that they look great season after season, and in some cases, year after year, I take care of them. I've put together a few tricks that I use to keep my handbags looking new.

1- Use a leather-protector

For delicate leathers or suedes use a leather-protector. I prefer the aerosol kinds, but they also come in a cream, as shown in the photo. You're going to want to spray the aerosol in a well ventilated room, or ideally outside, because the smell can be quite toxic. The protector prevents dirt from sticking and water-proofs the leather in case of rain.

2- Spot clean and spot wax

If you do get your handbag dirty, you can wipe it down with water and a soft towel or use a special cleaning product specifically designed for leather, if your handbag is leather, of course. If your handbag's leather has been scratched and dragged on the bottom and some colour has faded, you can always spot wax that area with a wax that matches the colour of your handbag. This will keep your bag looking new for a long time.

3- Store properly

When your bags are not being used make sure to store them properly. I always fill mine with tissue paper so they keep their shape and form. If your bags came with dust bag, make sure to store you bag in them. And if they didn't? Use an old pillowcase.

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