10 May 2014

tried & tested: vinegar + salt to keep your jeans from fading

There is nothing more disappointing than wearing a new pair of jeans for the first time and discovering, after a full day of wear, that your perfect new, "make my ass look amazing" jeans have faded all over your skin. Even worst, is discovering that the deep blue that attracted you to them has also faded onto your white shirt. Normally, I don't quite mind if the colour fades on my skin because I can easily wash it off in the shower, but this time I was bothered that it had faded on my white sweater and that it didn't wash out.

Enter the old trick of washing your jeans for the first time using vinegar, salt and cold water. Seems simple, right? Well it is, if you're patient enough to wait three washes and your conscience doesn't tell you what you're doing isn't an incredible waste of water and energy.

How it Works

Wash jeans inside out in 1 cup of vinegar and cold water, followed by another wash in cold water with 1 cup of coarse sea salt and finally, do a third wash with cold water and regular laundry soap. It'd recommend a soap specifically designed for dark colours.

The Verdict

FAIL - For me this didn't work. The fading on my skin and on my sweaters continued.

There are many variations of this trick and I've even heard of some people not washing their jeans in order to keep them looking new longer. What do you do to keep your jeans looking new?

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