29 May 2014

Starting your Day off Right

Here is my single most important piece of advice on starting your day off right. Make your bed. When I was young my parents taught me the importance of making my bed. When I was in my teenage years, I rebelled against them (slightly) and not doing my bed was one of the ways I did that. I know, real rebellious! You see, the important thing about making your bed is that within approximately 10 minutes of waking up, you've already completed one task. And that one task, believe it or not, will shape how the rest of your day goes. As an adult now I can't leave the house in the morning, no matter how rushed I am, without making my bed and making sure my pillows are perfectly puffed and placed. It sets a productive tone to my day and declutters my mind. With my bed made, I can go off into the world and face whatever the day will throw at me, or almost. And, I love coming back home to a neat and tidy bed.

It's the simple things in life!

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