1 August 2016

Killruddery House & Gardens

Ireland has an abundance of beautiful castles and old estate homes. I've had the chance to explore some of them and with so many to choose from it's difficult to decide which ones to see next.  Last weekend we decided on Killruddery House & Gardens in Bray. Not too far from Dublin, the house has beautiful grounds which includes a walled garden, formal gardens, two long reflection pools, a sand pit for the children and a farm. We were able to see five-week-old piglets and they were the cutest thing. Unfortunately, the house was closed for a private event so we weren't able to do the tour. We will definitely have to be back for the full experience. 

Denim Jacket: Primark / Top: Reitmans / Skirt: & other stories / Shoes: Massimo Dutti 

10 July 2016

Wicklow Head Lighthouses

As much as possible at the weekend I like to get out of the city and get back to nature. In the summer that means being close to the sea. This weekend C and I explored Wicklow Head Trail and it's three lighthouses. I had always been intrigued by the main lighthouse and wanted to get up close to it. We discovered that there is a trail that goes from the main road in Wicklow which brings you to the two lighthouses visible from the road. Hidden behind the rocks at the end of the trail is the third and only remaining functional lighthouse of Wicklow Head and also happens to be the most eastern point of the Republic of Ireland.

22 June 2016

What I Eat in a Week

I love taking photos and documenting the recipes I try almost as much as I love the process of preparing a meal. Generally, I like quick yet delicious and nutritious meals but every now and then I like to try more time-consuming recipes. Those tend to be the most comforting ones. I have so many food photos on my phone I thought I'd share some of them here along with the recipes - if there is one - I tend to improvise a lot when I'm in the kitchen!

  1. Homemade granola, natural yogurt, honey, raspberries and blueberries
  2. Buffalo mozzarella and basil stuffed chicken wrapped with parma ham, roasted lemon asparagus and roasted tomatoes
  3. Spinach spaghetti, butter, topped with Parmigiono-Reggiano and roasted pine nuts
  4. Barley pilaf, tomatoes, kale chips and smoked salmon
  5. Cheese and spinach tortellini with homemade pesto topped with Parmigiono-Reggiano
  6. Homemade salmon spring rolls
  7. Homemade oat bread, scrambled eggs topped with Parmigiono-Reggiano, rashers and strawberries
  8. Spinach, Gouda and smoked salmon omelette
  9. Warm Asian salad (rice, spinach, green bell pepper, spring onion and cashew nuts with olive oil, garlic and soya sauce dressing)