9 October 2016

Bray Boardwalk in Autumn

The remarkable thing about Ireland is that no matter which season it is if you have a quick look at a photo it would be hard to tell what time of year the photo was taken in. The grass is alway green. So really from these photos, if I wasn't wearing fall clothing you probably wouldn't be able to tell if it was summer or autumn. Especially not with the sun shining as it was on this day. My sister and her boyfriend are visiting us and on the day they landed we brought them to Bray where we thought the fresh sea air would help their jetlag. I'm not sure it did, but it was a beautiful day out and we didn't want them to miss out on it. While on the boardwalk we introduced them to a typical Irish tradition - enjoying a Teddy's 99 ice cream cone no matter the temperature!

Jacket: Gap / Top: Zara / Jeans: Topshop / Boots: Zara / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

6 October 2016

Sunsets in Sorrento

While we were in Italy we stayed in Sorrento. As we planned on visiting Ischia, Capri, the Amalfi Coast and Herculaneum we found that Sorrento was the most central and convenient place for us to make our home base for the few days we were there. After a full day of exploring we'd come back to Sorrento at dinnertime, meander the streets until we picked one of the many restaurants with a place to dine al fresco. This meant that oftentimes during golden hour and sunset we were out walking around and seeing the beautiful colours change against a gorgeous city backdrop. My favourite spot was the lookout near the St. Francis Church and Convent which gave a truly breathtaking view of the coastline. 

30 September 2016

What I Eat in a Week #2

Anyone who knows me well will know that I love cooking. To me cooking isn't a chore, it's a pastime and I would go so far as saying it's a passion. Even with a busy job, I find the time to cook a meal on most evenings. Yes, sometimes I'm tired and don't feel like making something complicated but I've accumulated a good arsenal of quick recipes I can whip up in a flash (see images 7 & 9). A lot of these recipes are adaptions from the originals. I cook them on rotation and have memorised most of them at this stage as I hate going back and forth to the cooking book or my laptop.

  1. Banana pancakes topped with apple sauce
  2. Fish chowder (I use this recipe and add cod half way through the cooking)
  3. Asparagus Fettucini Alfredo and salmon (adapted from this Jamie Oliver recipe)
  4. Lentil and brown rice soup (with kale and mushrooms)
  5. Salmon fishcakes with roasted tomatoes and kale chips (adapted from this recipe - I substituted the panko for breadcrumbs and omitted the mayonnaise)
  6. Carrot cake cookies (adapted from this recipe)
  7. Spinach pasta with cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese
  8. Courgetti and baked cod with tomatoes, olives and capers
  9. Red Lentil Curry with brown rice